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Guitar Rig 5: Virtual Guitar Amp & FX

Guitar Rig 5 Post

For guitarists who own traditional guitar and amplifier based rigs, they will be well aware of the ease of use and ‘classic sound’ associated with the use of them as tried and true tools in the studio and on stage. Virtual amp simulators (Guitar VSTs), on the other hand, keep up their continuous progress in terms of ground breaking technology, functionality and sophistication as modern additions to our sonic toolkit. As a guitar/bass amplifier sim loaded with an extensive range of sound mangling features, Guitar Rig 5 is one of the most intuitive solutions around in the music production marketplace.

Guitar Rig Pro 5 is actually an audio effects rack which basically is designed at processing a guitar-based signal. It contains hundreds of digital audio effects as well as analog based sounds from standard cabinet models and amps. You can easily create a large range of solutions for delivering a completely unique guitar texture. Some useful mentions include a loop device for jamming to MP3s, ring modulator effect, envelope processor, step sequencer, LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) as well as a signal splitter that enables the right and left channels to be individually effected in different ways altogether for stereo effect based sounds.

Guitar Rig 5: New features

The latest version (5.1) extends the detailed feature set of the application (or plugin if using it with a host program) using extra amplifiers as well as advanced speaker cabinet emulation, and a variety of unique features that make Guitar Rig 5 even more versatile both for studio production use and live performance. Starting with the wide-ranging range of 27 cabinets and 16 microphones, each with specific mic positioning and room audio settings, allowing an infinite selection of guitar sounds for state-of-the-art production.

Version 5 presents Peavey’s new “Van51” and “HotSolo+” models, incorporating two recognizable styles of heavily overdriven gain for screaming solos and heavy duty riffs. The extensive selection of effects in Guitar Rig is increased with six brand new components – such as a classic compressor model, the extremely versatile “vintage verb” with assorted plate and spring emulations, a tight studio-grade convolution reverb found on the applauded REFLEKTOR acoustic emulations unit, an analog-modeled 8-band filterbank, the innovative “stereo tune” chorus, and the unique “Resochord” harmonizer.

Guitar Rig Pro 5 additionally features the ideal facility for flexible and intricate speaker/room emulations with its new convolution-based “Control Room Pro” mixer module. From a comprehensive collection of cabinets/microphones combinations and presets, up to eight cabinets can be combined at a time, each with individual mic placement and room sound controls, enabling an unlimited array of guitar tones and room acoustics for sophisticated studio and home based productions.

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