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From mixing and tracking to using compression and creating a recording space, share the Frizz Groovy Music journey on how to record all your instruments and vocals and how to get great results without investing in an expensive studio.

Recording is way more plug-and-play and affordable than it’s ever been, Whether you’re recording on a home computer, laptop, iPad, or even a smartphone, it’s practically everywhere. The more we record, the more musicians want the gear that will help them make better recordings. Many of us set up home studios, but also there are plenty of portable recording setups available.

Musicians who have been buying guitars and amps for years are now looking to record. Technology to make quality recordings is increasingly more affordable and easy to use. Musicians, even those that aren’t tech savvy, who couldn’t have recorded themselves a few years ago are now venturing into the digital audio world.

Pairing USB enabled microphones and instruments with iOS compatible audio interfaces allows musicians to record nearly anywhere at the touch of a button. VST (Virtual Instrument) based software and loops sales alone increased 29% in 2014 over the previous year.

Years ago, musicians trying to sound like Led Zeppelin (…including Frizz Groovy Music) would have a hard time getting that sound with the equipment available for home setups. But with plug-in software, the loops, the audio enhancers, you can now produce something that sounds pretty close to professionally recorded music.

Frizz Groovy Music: Music to the masses…

A lot of people who are using home recording equipment are sharing what they’re doing via YouTube and Soundcloud, which in turn gets people interested in recording their own music. The expanded interest in recording innovation has yielded higher quality and more affordable products. This is inspiring musicians of every skill level to take recording into their own homes.

People are energized and inspired to make music and now they want to push up the quality and what they can do with it. It means there are a lot more people making music, and that’s a great thing!
Frizz Groovy Music

Frizz Groovy Music